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Mission Statement:

      At First Baptist Church of Los Osos, our mission is to be an ever-expanding family dedicated to generational discipleship.  Guided by the Holy Spirit and united in purpose, we aspire to glorify God with every word and deed.  Passionately spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, transforming lives and advancing God's kingdom on earth.  Rooted in love and care, we seek to bring the Gospel to our community through acts of compassion and service. Our goal is to inspire everyone to deeply consider the reality of Jesus and His transformative impact on our lives and service.

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Core Values and Applications

Word Centered

God has revealed Himself through the written Word and the Living Word. We hold the Bible and Jesus as the standard of who we are, and the reason behind everything we do.

Spirit Dependent

The Holy Spirit is the one who will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness. Jesus has given us his spirit to empower us to reach the world for Him and that without Him we can do nothing. We will seek the Spirit’s guidance to accomplish the good works He has prepared for us to do.


We will be united in Christian fellowship and spiritual accord.  We will come together as a compassionate community and close-knit family, nurturing each other's growth through love, support, and assistance.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we unite to glorify God through obedience to Christ, speaking truth in love, and doing the work of God's kingdom together.

Gospel Driven

The Gospel, which defines God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ to reconcile humanity to Himself, serves as the cornerstone of our beliefs and actions at First Baptist Church of Los Osos.


We commit to embodying our faith through acts of love, extending warmth, friendliness, and generosity to strangers, guests, and fellow church members alike.  We will live our faith day-by-day by seeing every fellow human as made in the image of God, deserving love as God loves them.


With Christ as our example, we are dedicated to serving our local community and church through love and care. As the early church was known for their good commitment  and care for others we will extend a helping hand to those around us, sharing the Hope within us.

Disciples and Disciplers

A Christian disciple is someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, intentionally learns from Him, and strives to live more like Him. Our walk with Jesus is never finished while we still have breath. Discipleship is a journey of spiritual growth. Discipleship happens as a person comes alongside another offering companionship, pray, Bible study, and fellowship.  The discipleship process involves guiding individuals from non-belief to conversion, from conversion to discipleship, and from discipleship to becoming disciple-makers.

At First Baptist Church of Los Osos, we envision a thriving community committed to growing together as one body in Christ.
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