Please Meet Our Youth Interns  

Destin Copple

Destin is one of our local young adults and has been in our church for years.  She joined the FBC staff in the fall of 2018.  Being a local she knows the mind set of Central Coast youth, she is very down to earth and brings a sense of calmness every youth needs.

Gabriel Bruce

Aka Gabe, he is from the Sacramento area and joined the FBC staff in the summer of 2018.  He is passionate for Christ and excited to reach youth on the Central Coast.  He comes from a large and diverse church which will help him to reach youth that experience life challenges in today's world.


FBC of Los Osos believes that God has brought both of the interns to our church to reach into our communities.

They have a great team behind them.

  • Pastor Bob Tubbs, not only will he be their pastor, but will help them to develop their ministries skills.

  • Dave & Heather Copple, are their on hands supervisors.

  • Pastor Jeremy Ventresca, the pastor at North Morro Church is one of their discipleship leaders.

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